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Wholesome Pants Roles Mezzo


Roles this season:


Der Rosenkavalier

Händel und Gretel

Eugene Onegin

The Messiah

Prince Charming




“I guess I never had time to think about whether it was strange that all my roles are either male, or females almost totally lacking sexuality but making up for it in emotional neediness. The first role I ever did onstage was Hans Christian Anderson as a boy, in a school play, and I didn’t think that was strange at all.

I just grew up assuming that gender was a thing one depicts but which is removed from the real self, basically just another layer of the artistic process: musicality, technique, and who is attracted to me and what am I supposed to be attracted to. It’s healthy. It’s actually expanded my perspective and that’s probably the reason why I haven’t had a serious relationship yet. I’m just too complete and men feel threatened by that.”