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Effeminate Tenor Who Insists He Is NOT GAY


Roles this season: 

La Wally

Eugene Onegin



    “Singing has always been a special release for me. Growing up in the church, we always had lots of pageants and performances and things where I could just sort of get up there and get down with the Lord, and really let loose in a safe but really intense way that I couldn’t really even imagine doing off stage. That has stayed with me, and I really treasure every role and every opportunity that I have to stand up in front of hundreds of people and express my deepest, most innermost feelings in song and sometimes dance. It’s like I really feel I have Jesus Christ in my throat, holding me, expressing his passion through my body. I love so much to “be” these crazy people who just do whatever they really desire, who are extraverted about their needs and damn the consequences, pardon my French. Even if it’s just for a few hours, and then I go back home and watch Golden Girls. Oh my goodness that Blanche. She’s such a hoot, even if she’s totally going straight to hell.”