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Completely Psychotic Coloratura

Roles this season:


Sandman/Dew Fairy
Hänsel und Gretel

Die Entführung aus dem Serail


Queen of the Night
Die Zauberflöte

Der Rosenkavalier


   “Ha ha ha ha ha yeah I guess I play a lot of Sophies!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it’s a high note thing, girls with high notes seem like they would be called Sophie. Ha ha ha ha. Hey you know what actually I used to have a cat called Sophie, no really that’s true!!! True story. But she got really sick and didn’t move too fast and then my dad, one day he backed over Sophie with the station wagon and I saw the whole thing. Just squashed and exploded, white fur… She was such a good cat. No, no it’s ok! She had a great long life. I really loved her. I missed her a lot after that, though. I cried every day for like 2 years. Yeah I actually couldn’t go to school and had to go stay at, like, a children’s hospital for a while. Yeah but I was young, and kids are emotional. And we sang a lot at the hospital so that’s actually where I discovered my talent for singing!! So it was good, actually. And it was a long long time ago and now I sing characters at the opera, so it’s like I’m still with Sophie my old cat from a thousand years ago! Actually it’s like now I *AM* Sophie. The cat, and the characters! Ha Ha. “Meow”. Ha ha ha ha!!!!! Hey are you eating that jelly donut? Because I will if you won’t.”