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Desperately lonely spinto soprano


Roles this season:


Gift of the Magi

War and Peace

Eugene Onegin

  “I’m learning for the first time to be truly independent, because I think that’s much healthier. I totally chose to be alone and work on myself right now. And there’s nothing more fun that losing oneself a bit in times like these in characters that are not very much like me. 

And I’m really inspired by the strength of these women, and how they deal with personal challenges and disappointments. For example Della, who, despite living in poverty and cutting off her own hair to afford a Christmas present for her husband, is so deeply in love, and Natasha, who nurses her distant husband to his death, whose entire country is decimated by war, and who finally finds domestic bliss with someone else, and Tatiana, who gets crushed by her first true love but in the end winds up married to a rich old count.

So, it’s really inspiring to portray these… strong family women… as I discover and embrace my own, uh, lack of, er need to NOT um, I. I just really like these roles and the music is so, so gorgeous.”