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Insecure and embittered full lyric soprano

Roles this season:


La Traviata


Don Carlo

Die Zauberflöte


  “What would I say to young artists that are just starting out today? Well, I’m still a young artist, too, so… Why, how old did you think I am? 

I guess I would tell myself, since I am also still a young artist, how to deal with all the conflicting advice and opinions. I have literally been told so many completely opposing things by people I trust. People have looked me in the eye and told me I could be a major superstar if only I would sing Role X. And then literally the same day, I have been told by someone else that I have a major voice, a major important instrument and absolutely must NEVER EVER sing the same role the person a few hours earlier told me would make me rich and famous. So of course I follow both of their advice depending on where I am singing that day.

I think it’s just luck, like with anything. Oh– sorry, look at the time, gotta run, I have to practice my difficult high passages to death.”