MENU Upcoming Shows

Enthusiastic Super in Way Over Her Head


Roles This Season:


Villager #24
Amahl and the Night Visitors

Angry Roman / Sad Christian
Jesus Christ Superstar

Shocked Kept Woman
La Traviata

Bored Legitimately Rich Person
War and Peace

Bourgeois French Person
La Boheme


  “Oh my gosh I am just really happy to be here and have a chance to be in this great institution and work with all these amazing people. I just feel really grateful and every day I just try to make a point to go out and talk to one person I’ve never talked to before and make sure they know exactly how darn happy I am to be there sharing the stage with them. Like a lot of these just amazing singers and directors and stuff. I just try to make a point, just five minutes here, five minutes there, human to human. 

Because during rehearsals there’s a lot of time that we’re not really doing anything, we’re just standing around, and that’s, like, I think the best time to seize the day and just take a chance and talk to people that I would never otherwise even get that close to in Starbucks.”