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Emotionally Unprepared Dancer Fresh Out Of School


Roles This Season:


Amahl and the Night Visitors

Owl, Cabbage, and Snowflake
The Nutcracker

Random Townsperson


  “I think there’s just a lot of different kind of folks and people with lots of different opinions, and, you know, I come from a place where, you know, we just live and let live. So I don’t get so much into politics and there’s maybe a lot that, you know, I don’t necessarily, like, think it’s my job as an artist to have an opinion or tell anyone what to think or show them what I think.

But, you know, that’s ok because I respect other peoples’ right to expression, even though I don’t know why that’s necessary… But for me I just, like, I don’t see anything wrong with just making something nice. You know? Like, let’s just do a nice production with some pretty dancing. That’s more where I’m coming from, I guess.”