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Entitled But Irritatingly Talented Diva Bitch


Roles this season: 

Lucia di Lammermoor

Eugene Onegin

Violetta Valery
La Traviata

War and Peace


Don Carlo

    “Oh you’re lucky you caught me, I was about to leave a bit early for another interview! Opera News is doing an in-depth thing. It’s nothing really, but they do need a bit of my time. Yes, it’s been a crazy few years, but no, I don’t find it that difficult to cope with. After all, I’ve been training for this all my life. Ever since I started taking private voice lessons at age 4 after having already mastered the Flügelhorn at my private school in Switzerland, I knew I would be here today. Even way back then, I learned that if you just do the work, you can accomplish your goals. I am not any more talented than so many other singers, but I have seen so many people come and go because they just don’t try a little bit harder to get better and to get more opportunities. For example if one coaching a month is all you do and the rest of the time you’re just working as, I dunno, a waitress or something, well then it’s no WONDER you can’t get into that great young artist program or whatever. I do literally 4 coaching sessions every single day with conductors from the best houses, and a lesson with my famous and connected private teacher every other day, either in person or on Skype, and I use a private masseuse who is specially trained for the laryngeal muscles of singers, and I talk to my psychic regularly to make sure I am on track with what my higher self wants and needs, and on top of that I have my coaches for Alexander Technique, Grinberg Technique, Feldenkreis Method, Pilates, Yoga, and lately I’m adding in a little Gyrotronics, and I’m not embarrassed to admit I freaking adore my therapist, who I’ve been working with for over 20 years. I have a huge support network, just because I make it happen. I spend all my waking hours thinking about and making my goals happen. I don’t waste any time doing side jobs or partying or I don’t even KNOW what those people do. 

And I’m sorry but if you want to be a singer and you are not also doing all that, then you will never make it. It’s not about talent. That’s just reality.”