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Big shot bass-baritone begging for massive humiliation


Roles this season: 

Lucia di Lammermoor

Eugene Onegin

The Messiah

Prince Andrei
War and Peace

Dr. Schön

Don Carlo

    “People are just automatically attracted to me. It just happens. And I take that really seriously and try to honour that as best I can… It’s just part of what makes me an artist – and that natural charisma is probably why I’m so lucky to win so many awards and why competitions were always so easy for me. But I take it seriously, it’s almost a duty – that I honour that in myself and also honour that in you.

It’s like, ok you are attracted to me: I respect that, I expect it, I know it’s there, and I will receive that gift from you and in exchange I am letting you experience all of my artistry when I’m onstage. It’s our contract with each other, a tiny little relationship that makes us both better people.”