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Alternate Healing Modalities Dancer

Roles this season: 

Lucia double
Lucia di Lammermoor

Mimi double
La Boheme


  “I really credit Reiki for having given me a good basis of energy this season. The roles I am doing are very challenging, so I need all the support I can get! So I was thrilled when my astrologer sent me to Alejandro for my attunement. You really do need to do that once in a while, there’s just so much astral junk that can stick to you after a while, and even with your usual daily sage smudging ceremony, and all the usual grounding and stuff, and no matter how awesome your spirit guides are (mine are awesome, by the way) it’s still gonna need a little scrub. Next week before we start Lucia rehearsals I’m probably going to do a quick past-life regression with my past life guy just to make sure there isn’t anything nasty that might resonate with me there. Because who needs that when you’re busy trying to make art!

Oh hey did you know you have a little rip in your aura above your crown chakra? You should really get that looked at.”